Creating a direction for our community’s future


I came into this office as an advocate for my community, not as a politician. The input and candid feedback that I received from you, my neighbors, and people from all across Nevada shaped my legislative focus. Once again, I am asking for your vote so I can continue to represent your interests in the next legislative session as your Assemblyperson.

Below are my top three policy accomplishments from the 2023 legislative session.

Access to Healthcare

By enacting AB 283, we restructured the Medicaid pay system to adopt a “fee for service” model for birth doula services.

I sponsored this essential bill to guarantee a fair and livable wage for the dedicated individuals, predominantly women, who provide invaluable healthcare services to our communities.

Furthermore, this bill empowers the Department of Health and Human Services to establish an incentive payment program for birth doula services in rural areas. To ensure adequate support, the legislation also calls for an increase in reimbursement rates under Medicaid. This inclusive approach to healthcare will enhance the well-being of birthing persons, reduce the instances of maternal mortality, and foster a more equitable society.

Equity in Healthcare

Patient autonomy and connectivity is an essential part of quality care. AB 202 grants patients in skilled nursing facilities and their representatives the right to request and utilize electronic communication devices within their living quarters.

This law sets forth stringent requirements for the selection and operation of such devices. It also prohibits any actions that compromise the privacy or well-being of the individuals using them. Moreover, it enforces strict limitations on the actions that skilled nursing facilities or their employees can take regarding these devices. By embracing technology and safeguarding patient rights, this bill enhances the quality of care and ensures a more compassionate healthcare system for everyone.

Domestic Violence

Because of my unwavering commitment to addressing the pressing issue of domestic violence, I sponsored AB 257. This important bill introduces crucial amendments to forensic medical examination protocols for certain crime victims.

AB 257 places the responsibility on the county in which a domestic violence battery by strangulation occurs, to cover the costs of a comprehensive forensic examination for the victim. Additionally, it authorizes counties to seek reimbursement, subject to available legislative funding. By allocating the necessary resources, we enable thorough examinations and mitigate the financial burden faced by survivors. AB 257 stands as a testament to my dedication to combating domestic violence and providing compassionate care to those affected.

Vetoed Bills

Not all my legislative work succeeded in the legislature. Unfortunately, even when we fight hard for what we believe sometimes, the system can overrule our best efforts.


My constituents should be aware my bill AB340, which would have expanded tenant protections and brought eviction reform, was vetoed by Governor Lombardo. This was done despite warnings that it could trigger a homeless crisis in Nevada, which is driven by a shortage of 80,000 rental homes. The bill would have required landlords to file their evictions in court first, as opposed to the current process that requires tenants to file first.

The law would have created a fair legal process for tenants that recognizes the dire consequences at stake when Nevada residents are evicted. There were approximately 57,000 evictions in 2022 and that number is expected to rise. I believe that housing is a basic human right and Nevadans should have access to affordable and stable housing.


Another important piece of legislation, AB282 that I helped introduce, was also vetoed by the governor. This bill would have provided long-term substitute teachers who work for 30 or more days, with a $450 monthly stipend to help purchase health insurance – benefiting over 1,000 qualified educators who are struggling to pay for healthcare.

With a growing shortage of teachers in Nevada’s pipeline, substitute teachers are a critical lifeline for many of our schools. I remain convinced that the school districts must support these dedicated teachers who are consistently filling in the gap, teaching our children.

There is still a tremendous amount of work to be done.

I would appreciate your financial support AND your vote so that I can finish what I started in my relentless pursuit of helping our community.

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